How to access the US Google Play from any country, no proxies or VPN necessary

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2. Get a US debit card

You could use the address of any restaurant or store in the United States, or if you want to be more precise and play it safe, you can sign up for your own US shipping forwarding address on Borderlinx or Shop and Ship for example.

In order to do this, you can ask a friend to get you a prepaid card issued in the US and send you its details. Go to your Google Wallet Payment Methods. There, you will find your current address and card details. Click to add a new credit or debit card and enter the US card information you got in Step 2. Make sure you associate this card with the billing address and phone number you got in Step 1.

The same switch will happen on your Android phones and tablets as well. As far as Google is concerned, you may be a US citizen who is travelling abroad. I made the switch several months ago, then flipped back my default payment method to my regular debit card without any issue. I bought a movie, downloaded and uploaded books, signed up for Google Play All Access, and even ordered a Nexus 7 to my Borderlinx address.

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1. Get a US address and phone number