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How to Reduce Ping (Latency) in Online Games
I tried playing Rocket League but it does the same with this game. SEA region has an enormous gaming community that has roots in almost every major game. Thanks - Capt Ahmad. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. April 25, at This is what they had to say on the official tweet regarding the issue.

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Easy Tips to Reduce Dota 2 Lag

The problem therefore has affected LoL, CS: GO and Dota 2 players alike and as of now no proper solution seems visible for Dota 2 Malaysia lag. Microsoft Windows [Version My ISP or Valve? And yes, this high ping started on April. Before i just got 50ms. Apr 6, Start a New Discussion. It may sound silly at first but I tell you it is not.

On the other hand in other European country Austria you are getting ms ping. In this scenario, you can reduce your ping up to 90 ms by connecting to Austria VPN server and then play Dota 2 on Luxembourg server. Your final ping would be ms maximum. Using this method, you can define your own faster route hence reducing the latency. Avoid wireless internet connections when you are playing online games. Environmental factors such as rain, pollution, thick walls can put negative impact on signals strength.

That applies to your WiFi hotspot as well. Electromagnetic interference from other devices such as Refrigerators, Air conditioners can cause ping spikes and even packet loss on your WiFi Router based connections.

Just don't answer like that since it won't help anyone. People have been struggling with this problem for years now and still no solution is made.

This have helped me and my friends so I don't see a way this can be bad since we all just want to play dota am I right? You're only as strong as your weakest link. Originally Posted by soprof. I specially made an account to tell everyone of you that this post is full of shit.. I used to have ping before and i tried everything this post said expecting it to go atleast below But when i tried everything my ping went above and I had massive spikes.

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