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We will protect you from Internet spies and prying eyes! Which is why you need proxies, vpns and secure servers to act as an intermediary, to buffer your real location and identity from the websites that you visit. Unfortunately these tools usually need to make multiple requests to the search engines in order to work. This very often results in problems. When we talk about "proxy servers" we mean our own secured private proxy servers. You do not really need to care about what's going on in the background, you do not need to worry about the technical stuff at all.

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Why People Use an IP Cloaker

As more of our lives move online, then digital privacy becomes a much more important issue. Particularly in the case of young people who are often far too open with personal details than they should be on various social media sites. After all I wonder how many people are aware that by sharing their holiday details online not only are they increasing their risk of their home being burgled but also possibly invalidating their home insurance.

This sort of stuff though is fairly easy to control, just think twice about posting personal information and remember that anything you do post is probably accessible to the world. That little number which is allocated to you when you connect to the internet and is then used to track, monitor, filter and block your online access.

Yet having a unique number assigned to your connection means that you have virtually no privacy. At your ISP a series of logs exist which basically list everything you do online, every web site you visit, video you download or message you send. Cyber criminals and hackers monitor your connection especially when you use unknown and highly insecure Wifi access points in cafes, hotels and other public location. Indeed there is another bonus if you do start using IP Cloaker program to hide your location.

You can bypass all the ridiculous region blocks that all the large media sites put up. Last year there was an Identity Cloaker Netflix update which also introduced some special servers into their infrastructure, these were registered with residential IP addresses making them completely undetectable.

The software runs directly on your PC, laptop or MAC but you can configure a the identity cloaker vpn settings directly onto other devices like smart phones, tablets or onto your router if you wish,. Try out the Trial. After all they can see directly to your connection? Surely they can see everything you do? However all they will see is the connections to the VPN servers, not specific websites.

Also the details are hidden within the connection because it is encrypted. Which is fine as many people use VPNs in their everyday life for privacy and security. Unfortunately these tools usually need to make multiple requests to the search engines in order to work.

There are some very professional research tools like Market Samurai, which have their own built in proxy servers which allow the tool to switch between different IP addresses when making these queries. However these are invariably the exception rather than the rule, and mostly you have to try and switch your addresses yourself. Most people then usually plod down the proxies route either free ones scraped using a simple tool, or a subscription that gives you a few proxies to use privately.

So What you need is something that can quickly and simply rotate the IP addresses at your disposal. This is extremely useful, it means that you can switch between IP address every minute you like which allows all these tools and queries to work perfectly. The change happens in the background and used on a windows server, a VPS or a desktop computer there will be no interruption.

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