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does ps3 have a built-in wireless adapter?
DignityThief , Sep 4, Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. The products are usually called Wifi game adapters, but they work for PCs, consoles, Blu-Ray players, whatever. I personally like both systems, but the s online play is times better, but it costs money compared to ps3s free service. Ok what do I have to get to make it work?

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? The PS3 has built-in wi-fi, so you just need a wireless signal in your house to play online. Playstation Network is free, you just need to make an account. Despite how bad I made the look, it's online play is better. The headsets pick up a lot of background noise, so it can bug the crap out of other games. Some games have an annoying online play, and not everyone has a headset.

You have to play a game to send invites. However, the PS3 is a blu-ray player, and it's a multi-media player. It can play movies and songs, and you can store pics, movies, and songs on it. It's graphics are better because blu-ray discs can store 50gb of memory on it.

The PS3 has a changeable hard drive for significantly cheaper than the , and for a lot more storage. The has better online play, and it has in-game music if you care about that kind of thing. The good games are in a wider selection, and several games are designed for the before going multi-platform.

However, the hard drives are expensive and it's not one-size fit all. Highest storage is gb, but the media doesn't take up as much storage, and you don't have to install games you'll be given the option with the new fall update coming out soon, should you buy a The PS3 can do more, but the has better online play, which is really the only reason to buy a This Site Might Help You. If you have a wireless network in your house, you get an adapter for the , plug it in, and fiddle with settings until you get it to work.

PS3 has built in wireless, so you don't need to buy a separate object to go online. Most people agree Xbox live is superior to the Playstation Network for online support and finding games to join and whatnot.

Most people also agree that Xbox live has a larger population of racist, sexist, annoying twelve year olds. Sep 4, 8. Sep 4, 9. Solid-Snake-Eyes , Sep 4, Sep 4, GTporsche , Sep 4, The PS3 is the Internet. Cricix , Sep 4, Yes the current ones bought in stores have a wireless built in. However before you get excited about that, I will tell you it has a weak signal and you would be wise to invest in the rj45 wireless adapter for consoles from IOGEAr like I did , if you intend to do any hardcore gaming.

What's the point in having forums if everytime someone asks what we think is a stupid question we tell them to google it? VultureGangsta , Sep 4, DignityThief , Sep 4, My original name vulture33 has been changed twice for reasons beyond my control first to generalvulture and now this.

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PS3 WiFi Adapters