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The Best Antivirus Protection of 2018
All the utilities listed in this feature are Windows antivirus apps. Kaspersky Anti-Virus sweeps the antivirus testing labs, with all perfect scores. How to Clone a Hard Drive. For an in-depth review of this popular antivirus program, read this analysis. With the Pro version, you get all the protection tools offered by the free version. Essential features you need to protect yourself from viruses.

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Top 10 Best Virus Protection 2018

Avast have great news for you. The features inside their new antivirus are very reliable and they were added as an answer to all the new online threats endangering our computers almost daily. The Avast Pro Antivirus is the latest feat in security excellency. We also liked that it offers so many useful features. Turn them on, and your gadget will stay safe while you use it for work or school.

This security solution keeps your PC and the home network you use fully protected. We also liked the faster performance. Should you ever experience issues with it, you can always send them a message from the actual product. Why choose the Avast Antivirus? If you want to find more about it, have a look at this in-depth review. Intel Security put their team at work and released something new for PC, tablet and smartphone users.

The newest version of their popular antivirus software is the star of our review. Find out how it scored in our tests! The beloved Antivirus Plus has received a facelift for from McAfee. The antivirus has no problem working with any of them. Also, get ready for some novel features as soon as the installation is over. One of them is called behavior-centric antivirus engine. The interface responds faster compared to other UI versions.

The antiphishing module is another great effort from this antivirus solution. Support, as usual, is one of the best from the world. You should, however, keep in mind that this is a paid version.

It still needs work on the antiphishing front, though. If you want to install it on your smartphone or gadget, this option is a very good choice. Windows 7, 8, 8. Years have passed, and other names became more popular, which is a shame because the Slovak company still releases viable products.

While getting familiarized with this antivirus software during our tests, we noticed some great pros. One of them is the smooth and fast installation process.

Then we have the full system scan feature. Compared to other similar modules we tested to find the best antivirus, the one on the Nod32 was excellent.

It moved incredibly fast and detected threats quickly. This antivirus option also scored very well in our antiphishing tests. For an in-depth review of this popular antivirus program, read this analysis. The Dutch team starts the year with a bang: See below what we think of this new antivirus software. The advantages of this version are going to impress you as soon as you start using it. This version uses the same colors as previous ones. After newbies get used to this security suite, let it do its job.

Because it was able to detect and then block malicious software quickly, we gave it high scores during our tests. The Web Security version is highly professional, too. It lets you surf the web in complete safety. The team that offers support is flawless. Should you need strong protection, this internet security solution is the way to go. It gives the same good results on smartphones, too.

But overall, we could still use the PC for most work. The most glaring con happened in our tests only on computers with an outdated hardware. The initial scan was visibly slower compared to the average on these computers. Remember that on PCs with an outdated hardware starting a scan could affect their speed.

For more details about this security solution, read this review. Panda Dome Essential Score: Panda Security struck gold when they decided to have a logo based on the much-loved animal that is the panda.

Not only do they do that, they also deliver cyber-security services. Beginners will have no issue using the antivirus. The features that belong to the Panda Dome Essential Antivirus are loads and useful. Of major importance is its Wi-Fi security monitor. With the latest version of Panda Dome Essential, you get all the features that come with a free edition.

Of course, you also have many bonus ones, only available in the paid version. Overall, the new security software from Panda Security received its place in our top rated anti-virus solutions of For more details about this security software read this detailed review. Leave it to the Germans to offer good security software. Each of the solutions they come up with year after year is packed with reliable performance and new features.

We played around with their Antivirus Pro for PC, and this is what came of it. The product located system issues very quickly. Two features stood out during our tests for the best antivirus of the year: Browser Safety and Device Protection. The Support section has everything you need. Take a look there and select what you want to get fixed. The team will provide you with professional solutions. We would have liked to see a better performance from the built-in Browser-independent Web Protection.

While the antivirus does have new features, not all of them perform well. With the Pro version, you get all the protection tools offered by the free version. For non-commercial use, we recommend using the free Avira Antivirus. Malwarebytes is software that locates and deletes malware. It can be used on devices that run Android, macOS, and Windows. The newest version is great for users who prefer no-frills security software. In case you want stronger protection and additional features, download the Professional version.

Among the many things we liked about it was its ability to remove a lot of malware samples. During our tests, we did notice a couple of cons. Also, the real-time protection is only available for the Premium version. To sum it up: For a detailed information about this anti-malware solution, read this in-depth review.

Comodo Advanced Antivirus Score: Comodo have been making a name for themselves ever since The American company innovates and develops a multitude of cybersecurity solutions. Earlier this year, Comodo Group released a new security product, namely the Comodo Advanced Antivirus It was created as a reply to the growing number of malware attacks in recent years. This security tool has some very efficient features so you can safely do some online banking at any time of day or night.

We played with it for a bit and we liked it a lot. The three features we mentioned earlier did a very good job overall. The product was able to block and remove malware in a very efficient manner in the tests performed for this review. Apart from protecting our computers like a pro, we enjoyed its browser. The antivirus is also available in a free edition, but if you want more from it, you need to get the premium version.

Trend Micro Internet Security Score: The security software company was founded in the U. Their global headquarters is in Japan. Trend Micro is an important player in the world of security solutions. They make security software for computers, cloud computing environments and much more.

The most recent product they released is the Trend Micro Internet Security No more worries for you when you do your online shopping: Your gadget will also be protected against ransomware and other dangerous types of malware.

If you want to own a well-protected computer, the Trend Micro Internet Security is the way to go. Webroot has a history of 20 years in the industry of Internet security products. This private American company aims to protect individuals and businesses alike with their antivirus solutions. They may not be as well-known as other manufacturers, but you should keep them in mind the next time you need a security solution for your devices.

Webroot Antivirus for PC and Mac managed to grab our attention with its invaluable features and resources. You can protect up to 3 computers or Macs with this edition.

The antivirus will check your PC or Mac for the most important threats in a matter of seconds. Browse the Internet and buy stuff from your favorite online shops safely. This antivirus program will check your PC or Mac for the most important threats in a matter of seconds.

Whenever you want something simple, but powerful and efficient, we suggest the Webroot Antivirus Mac OS X v. Bullguard Antivirus Score: BullGuard is a new name as far as security providers go. The company was founded 16 years ago. Today you can find them in London. They received a couple of awards for their work in the industry. Which means you can trust it to protect your gadget against many problems. The BullGuard Antivirus is loads cheaper than its rivals. Malware is Malicious Software designed to get unauthorised access into your system.

Choosing to protect yourself against viruses can be such a crucial decision. Especially when it comes to safeguarding personal details online. But choosing which anti-virus software to go for can be a tricky decision. With so many to choose from all different types of developers small and large, make sure you make the right decision and go for anti-virus software that packs these features….

New types of viruses are being created every single day. Anti-virus software dating a few years or even a few months back will be outdated by the new catalogue of harmful viruses. Viruses are constantly e. Top 10 Best Virus Protection Virus protection is very important to every computer.

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Great antivirus for all versions of Windows Great price for product with so many features Iron clad money back guarantee Fantastic fast informative support. Slightly let down by average customer service Offer 4 different levels of antivirus protection. Slightly let down by average customer service Offer 4 different levels of antivirus protection Large number of powerful features included One of most popular AVs on the internet.

Fantastic price for feature rich product Countless amount of bonus features. Fantastic price for feature rich product Countless amount of bonus features Fantastic customer support around the clock Reliable, fast and secure protection. Solid and feature rich packages on offer Reputation comes with a big price tag.

Solid and feature rich packages on offer Reputation comes with a big price tag Sold millions of licences worldwide One of the most well know AV brands. Impressive 60 day free trial available Comprehensive multi language support. Impressive 60 day free trial available Comprehensive multi language support Pricey plans lack quality features Over 16 years worth of experience.

Comprehensive 24 hour support Multi award winning web security brand.

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