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Why is my internet cutting out?
It does not play well with windows services as a rule, and delaying the auto start gives the windows services time to start prior to its activation at reboot. Take the advise of Searay. Get great tech advice delivered to your inbox. Related Questions How do I turn the Window 10 laptop display off without stopping my download? Don't throw a tantrum. Message 11 of

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My Wireless connection randomly turns off and I've to turn it back everytime.

I've tried using multiple power outlets and it is always the same. Please try to keep answers simple, I do not know much about this stuff, I just want f'ing internet connection. Message 1 of Let's leave out the bit about the router getting hot for now. You'd see that I've highlighted 2 parts of your post in red.

It's unclear what you mean. Do you mean that the router actually powers down and powers up again? I'm asking because it's possible if your YouTube video freezes then resumes after some seconds or minutes, it can be caused by "buffering". Buffering can be caused by several things, e. Having a slow internet package from your internet service provider, 2. You may have a weak signal due to distance, etc. Message 2 of I would say that you might need a new router, I had a similar problem with my N where the wifi would keep going on and off.

Nothing i found worked to stop the problem. Eventually the thing stop functioning even as a switch and when i switched to an older router, there was no problems suggesting the router was going bad.

Message 3 of Check power supply for correct voltage if ok replace router. Message 4 of I second that advice. Could be the power adapter that is toast. Try a different one of the same voltage. Let us know if that was the issue or if the router does the same thing still. Message 5 of If you are using power strip with this router remove it and use straight to the wall out let for testing purpose. Message 6 of Take the advise of Searay. If the power light is solid green then there should be no connectivity problems.

If there is no light, it probably won't help to turn off the modem. Check the chords and power supply. Call your Internet provider to determine if you should turn the modem off and back on. The provider will ask you about the lights showing on the modem. They may turn it off remotely to reboot the entire system. Decide whether you want to turn the modem off at night or when it's not in use. Some computer security experts recommend turning the modem off to prevent others from accessing your personal data.

You may want to turn off the entire computer to avoid a restart when you turn the modem on again. If you have a good firewall protection system, it is probably unnecessary to turn off the modem.

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