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A cost leadership strategy that eBay has is the ability to form alliances with numerous companies. An example of this strategy could be the alliance by eBay and Tom. In addition, EBay will contribute its Eachnet subsidiary, while Tom Online will contribute local management expertise, technology, and brand. Another strategy that an eBay implement is a growth strategy that involves the fight to keep up with rival competitors while still trying to grow and expand into an ever so competitive market.

Amazon is significantly, methodically, and relentlessly eating away at eBay's market share. Online retailers from Zappos to Newegg to Wal-Mart among others are all doing their part in taking share from eBay. In fact, many of eBay's changes are actually self-inflicting further declines. The three bright spots for eBay's quarter were: It will be interesting to see if this goes negative in Q1 or if eBay can hold the line here. The ability of M-Commerce is a big plus for the online giant.

Being user friendly and simple is the way eBay will stay on top of the competition. Also, having the ability of online verification against fraud and counterfeit products makes eBay a number one source for buyers and sellers to stay loyal to the company by having the confidence in the company as they keep up with the industry standards.

In , eBay joined forces with MercadoLibre free market in Spanish the leading online trading site in Latin America. MercadoLibre will acquire iBazar Com Ltda. In March of , eBay invested in Meetup. Over 5 million people have created and joined long-lasting local Meetup Groups around shared interests and purposes. These groups and clubs have held over 1 million local meetups. In April of eBay acquired Tradera. In June of eBay Inc. Under the agreement, the companies will leverage eBay's global experience and PCHome Online's local ecommerce expertise to launch a new co-branded website that will bring new online trading opportunities to buyers and sellers in Taiwan under the name of Ruten.

Focused on the needs of Taiwan consumers, the website specializes in online auction-style trading and also offers the ability to buy and sell at a fixed price. In January of eBay acquired Stubhub. In April of eBay acquired Microplace. MicroPlace is a social business owned by eBay. It focuses on microfinance loans sent via the internet, utilizing PayPal, allowing users to choose specific lending clients and businesses and loan them money over a designated period of time.

Unlike competitor Kiva , investments are returned to the lendee with interest. May was a busy month for eBay; they acquired three companies and invested in another. The first company which was Stumbleupon. StumbleUpon is a website and content discovery service enabled by a browser toolbar. StumbleUpon uses positive and negative user ratings to form collaborative opinions on website quality. The StumbleUpon site says they have nearly 7. The same day on May 1 st eBay invested in Channeladvisor.

ChannelAdvisor Corporation provides technology and services that enable online retailers to maximize their profits across multiple e-commerce marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon.

Two days later, on May 3 rd, eBay acquired Gittigidiyor. Gittigidiyor is a Turkish online marketplace similar to eBay that offers auctions, stores and fixed price listings. It was founded in by local entrepreneurs in Turkey and is headquartered in Istanbul. Auctions began at 5 February Gittigidiyor has over 1. Finally, for the month of May, eBay acquired Gumtree. More than 25, new rooms are advertised a month, which means at least 10, rooms are rented a month through Gumtree.

On October 4 th , eBay acquired Via Online. Via-Online GmbH is an auction management software company. The company operates web-portal, Afterbuy. The company is based in Krefeld, Germany. On May 2 nd , eBay acquired Vuvox.

Vuvox makes technology for presenting rich media in slideshows. On September 25 th , eBay acquired Gmarket. It also includes a real-time direct interface to MS-Excel. They pride themselves on delivering quality content in one easy to use, flexible, and affordable package. Founded as printed classified advertising circulars, Den Bla Avis and BilBasen have successfully made the transition to fast-growing, profitable online businesses while maintaining the publication of its circulars.

During the same month and year of , eBay acquired Billmelater. Bill Me Later, Inc. It offers PayCapture , a set of credit tools; and Bill Me Later that enables customers to pay for purchases without providing credit card information. The company supports and delivers a suite of web-engineered payment solutions; and offers consulting services in the areas of payments, risk management, marketing, and technology.

The company was founded in and is based in Timonium, Maryland. EBay has certainly taken their growth strategy process to new levels, buying every company that will give eBay a threat in the future. It is a very good strategic move on the internet giant to invest and acquire numerous companies around the globe.

This strategy will only strengthen eBay as a company and brand name for years to come. EBay is in a league of their own and at that moment it seems like no competition can stop them or even compare to the market share that eBay possess.

Alibaba is a B2B e-commerce company founded in by Ma Yun. Alibaba is also the flagship company of the Alibaba Group. With more than 40 million users and 5 million virtual storefronts , Alibaba has been able to climb to the top as one of the most useful online e-commerce businesses.

It connects companies with suppliers and manufacturers throughout the world. By creating the connection for business, Alibaba specializes in trade between buyers and sellers. Its primary business is to serve the Chinese market with a directory of the Chinese manufacturers. Alibaba also offers business management software solutions to small businesses across China using the " Alisoft " brand.

Alibaba was founded in Hangzhou, China. Alibaba has 7 subsidiary companies, which are involved in the business of B2B, C2C, online payments, software service, search engine, online advertising, local living, and consumption community, etc. Alibaba is committed to building the world's leading e-commerce infrastructure and high quality online living platform. CSR should be born from business model. Every corporation can find a point to combine itself with CSR.

Everyone should assume social responsibility and can assume social responsibility in the convenient network environment. While holding the Chinese market as its first customer base, Alibaba also works internationally throughout the world. Alibaba operates in two different marketplaces; the first is an international marketplace in English personalized to global importers and exporters in China; the second is a Chinese marketplace that focuses on suppliers and buyers trading domestically in China.

It also reaches buyers and sellers in more than countries around the world. Since September , Alibaba. Of these users, The IPO will value Alibaba. The company recorded revenues of CNY 3, The company's operating profit was CNY 1, Its net profit was CNY 1, By the end of , Alibaba launched business to business sites in six foreign language versions, in order to make trading easier for foreigners. The International sites for Alibaba consist of: Alibaba Group was established.

Launched the Gold Supplier membership to serve exporters in China. Launched the International TrustPass membership to serve exporters outside China. Launched keyword ranking services in the international marketplace. Launched TradeManager Instant Messenger software for easy communication. Established Ali-Institute to offer customer training and higher-education e-commerce certification in China. Launched keyword ranking services on the China marketplace.

Launched branded advertisements in the Chinese marketplace. Introduced the Gold Supplier membership to Hong Kong. Launched premium placement display in the Chinese marketplace. Launched an SME financing scheme in collaboration with leading banks in China.

Successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Re-launched our upgraded Alibaba Japan marketplace. Formed an associated company, Alibaba Japan, with Softbank to take over the operation of the Japanese marketplace. Launched the China TrustPass for Individuals membership to serve entrepreneurs engaging in domestic China trade.

Introduced the Gold Supplier membership to Taiwan. Launched the Gold Supplier Starter Pack, on the international marketplace. Launched Ali-Advance, a pay-for-performance based keyword bidding system. Acquired controlling stake in HiChina to enhance our ability to provide additional Internet infrastructure services to Chinese small businesses. Alibaba like eBay does not carry specific products, but a very different mix of items and brands. Some of the products the offer include everything from Agriculture to Transportation items.

It was started only 9 years ago, and so growth strategies are expected to be a main strategy of the company so that it can continue to effectively compete with world leaders in the industry. An aggressive expansion is underway to keep the company ahead. The company believes that given the weak state of the economic environment that Allibaba. China is one of the few areas that survived the crisis remaining as one of the largest consumer markets after the economic turn.

This is why the company maintains major operations in China because of its economic safeguards. It aims to help small and medium —sized companies conduct trade.

The recent focus has been to increase the growth of B2B and B2C business. One of its recent strategic moves was the acquisition of Yahoo China. This was expected to have a large impact and allow the companies to integrate and join forces with their combined resources that will with time lead to growth. A restructuring strategy of Yahoo China began after Yahoo failed to generate profits. In December , Yahoo China removed the three original departments: In turn two new departments: Merging of network search and e-business and digging into the potential of network search will be the future direction for development within Yahoo!

E-business search technology will also be a main focus because the company believes that developing this technology will lead to greater profits. This strategy is extremely focused because Alibaba realizes that the acquisition of Yahoo represents an overwhelming opportunity to grow and gain a larger market share because Yahoo is such a recognized company.

The company realizes that for optimal results changes within the company has to take place. Make sure the Caps Lock on your keyboard isn't on Look for any spelling errors If you've recently changed your username or password, your browser might remember your old information.

Try manually entering your new username and password If you're still having problems logging in, you can reset your password - opens in new window or tab. How to sign out To log out, select your name, which is shown in the top left corner of most eBay pages, and then Sign out.

Top Takeaway Sign in to your eBay account for a more personalized shopping experience, and access to My eBay for tracking buying and selling activities, your watch list, and your favorite sellers and searches. Was this article helpful for you? See other articles in: You might also be interested in: Make sure items are secure and nicely packaged.

Traders often like to add a personal touch by including a business card or wrapping good quality clothes in tissue paper. Some eBayers even use popcorn instead of polystyrene to pack around fragile goods — buy kernels in bulk, cook the popcorn without oil and let it cool. If you're sending an item internationally, watch out, as some countries have tight controls on importing food, so always check this before packaging this way.

The buyer pays for postage, so when listing goods, you must specify a postage cost. Try to be as accurate as possible, because if the price specified is too low, you'll have to make up the difference, and if it's too high, the buyer may give you bad feedback. Don't forget to factor in packaging costs when calculating postage charges — buyers often don't expect to pay much more than the price of postage itself, so you may wish to factor packaging costs into the price of the item.

It's not just buyers who get caught out by the unscrupulous — sellers can too. One problem for sellers is a buyer winning a pricey item such as a MacBook, then saying it never arrived and claiming the cash back — even though they have the item. To qualify for eBay's seller protection, you need 'online documentation from a postal company' that has 'delivered' status, the date of delivery and the buyer's address.

According to the eBay Seller Protection guidelines, if the buyer's address on the PayPal transaction details page differs to the one on the eBay view order details page, sellers will have met their shipping obligations with regard to the eBay Money Back Guarantee as long as they send their item to one of the addresses.

Discourage dodgy buyers by adding a requirement that you'll only accept bids from buyers with a certain feedback score. To the left of 'Block buyers who: While most negative feedback is likely to be justified, buyers who casually leave negative and neutral feedback for sellers most people would consider decent are an issue. To check if you're dealing with a cranky curmudgeon, go to their profile, click on Feedback profile and then on the Feedback left for others tag.

An item may arrive damaged because you didn't package it up well enough, or a buyer could be disgruntled because your description was inaccurate. If you're in the wrong, it's only fair to refund the buyer, whether or not you're legally obliged to — and you could limit the damage to your feedback score.

If payment was made by PayPal, be sure to refund that way. Consider setting up a bank account specifically for paying your eBay earnings into — that way you'll see the cash pile up, rather than it just disappearing into your current account. The advantage of using it is that it charges sellers less than eBay, which means some prefer it. On the downside, your auctions are likely to get less exposure than they would on eBay, so could get fewer bids and, ultimately, earn you less money.

Comparing charges is tricky, because all auction sites have different fee structures. With local classified sites, the buyer usually collects in person and pays cash on collection, which means no eBay, no PayPal and no fees — hurrah! Interestingly, Gumtree is owned by eBay, but thankfully this hasn't affected its free community-based operations.

Local Facebook selling groups and the social network's new Marketplace are fast rivalling eBay as the place to earn cash by flogging unwanted stuff. The best bit is there are NO fees, so you keep all the profit. It tells you how to find the right local groups, use Marketplace and get the best price for your goods, plus how to make sure you stay safe when selling.

However, the prices offered are usually lower than you would get by selling them yourself. Trade-in sites pay quick cash for old CDs, DVDs, computer games and Blu-rays, plus some electronics and clothing, making them a convenient option. Now you can do it yourself at lost luggage auctions.

Find a winner and profit is possible from eBaying the content. It's a cracking way to get a bargain. Top-quality goodies are available daily across the country for FREE. Instead of binning goods or trying to eBay them, people offer them to their local community for free. If you go through it, it can sometimes result in a payment or benefit to the site. It's worth noting this means the third party used may be named on any credit agreements. We aim to look at all available products. If it isn't possible to get an affiliate link for the top deal, it is still included in exactly the same way, just with a non-paying link.

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Ask yourself "will someone search for this? Rare or difficult-to-get-hold-of items always sell well. If you've little time and heaps of similar items, consider selling them as a bundle — this works especially well with baby clothes. But sell expensive branded goods individually — don't bung Prada in with Primark. Don't bin it, 'Bay it. You might not want to go as far as this MoneySaver did though Buy first to build your profile and ensure you can sell at a decent price. Spy on what others do to get tips on how to sell your stuff.

This is the basic fee to list an item — normally a flat 35p per item. However, you can list up to 20 items a month at any start price without paying any charge. This applies to every item, including those listed for free. Take advantage of free listing days. Got an old iPod, Game Boy or Walkman lying around? This chunky portable music player was iconic in the s and '90s — now it's making a comeback. In you were the coolest kid in school if you owned a SNES.

Spend your youth blasting tunes from an enormous boombox? You might be in luck. Three decades before the Apple Watch, there was the Casio calculator watch. Proud owner of a Polly Pocket Secret Jewels case? He-Man and She-Ra toys. Child of the s? You may remember taking care of a virtual 'Tamagotchi' pet. Certain early versions of the small electronic toys could now fetch you a pretty penny.

Sell for more using the right keywords, eg, 'thong' beats 'knickers', 'sneaker' tops 'trainer'. Some examples of what the results showed: The best and worst keywords revealed Here are some of the best and worst words to use for 14 of eBay's most popular categories. Research what products are hot with a nifty tool. Learn the lingo with our eBay jargon buster. This is the most commonly-used eBay jargon: Brand new with tags. Brand new in box. Get to the top of the search results.