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IPsec supports authentication through Preshared Keys and certificates. Ivacy is a leading VPN provider with amazing unblocking features. Joseph 3, 21 Ivacy Cons The provider offers money back guarantee that lasts up to seven days The service has strict refund policy procedure It has few servers Browser extensions do not work Does not offer ad- blocking. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? However it turned out that the NAT-T update had issues with some third-party applications which caught a lot of bad press. Even as consumers learn about scams and schemes that run amok in the dark corners of the internet, new ones are being developed.

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Unlike other popular VPN service providers, ExpressVPN does not offer any trial accounts which is a bit disappointing for those who would want to try the product first before deciding to purchase anything. If you want to stay truly anonymous, pay with Bitcoin and get your Bitcoins on a anonymous exchange. To subscribe, use a link that works in China https: As of this writing, ExpressVPN has more than five hundred servers located in 94 countries across the globe.

Unfortunately, there are no ExpressVPN servers that are located in the mainland itself. In order to get a good and stable VPN connection, it is recommended to connect to the nearest server to your location. In which case, Chinese users should connect to either the Hong Kong or Taiwan servers so as to establish fast and reliable connections. These examples of the windows client surface show the ease of using ExpressVPN. If you want to sign up, in total, there are three pricing plans at your disposal.

This VPN provider has a total of nine servers in India, and manages its own server network. Our performance tests yielded generally very good results with only small drops in download and upload speeds. There is no logging of traffic data but the provider does collect some session data connect and disconnect times, and similar.

Among the three price plans, the 2-year option offers the most value-for-money. This Hungary-based provider has one location in India, and offers excellent performance. We saw top-notch speeds and low latency in both short and long distance connections during testing, which made for very responsive browsing.

Biffered boasts solid desktop clients, and mobile users will be glad to hear that both Android and iOS apps are available. Buffered VPN is not cheap, even if you opt for the year-long plan. The best way to keep the Mbps high is to not just find fast providers, but also ones with a large geographic distribution of servers; that way there is always one near you distance matters.

However, the key here is that the encryption needs to be strong, or people could just look in whenever they wanted. This is something very important to take away from this: The best VPNs, on the other hand, will have high-strength encryption or even double-hop encryption, where anyone looking to snoop will basically keep running into a wall of code keeping them out. Laymen will probably be happy to know that there is a tunnel between your computer and the VPN server which keeps your data safe from prying eyes.

Besides government monitoring, you also need to worry about your internet service provider. The modern world might not exist without ISPs, but they have proven time and again that they are not our friend when it comes to our data. Combine to this the very real chance that net neutrality may be revoked in the U. Generally speaking, the main reason why most people first become interested in VPNs is not to protect themselves, but rather to watch Netflix.

As we discuss in our article on the Netflix VPN ban , this may feel a little unfair, especially as everyone around the world roughly pays Netflix the same amount between currency exchange rates and all Europeans are roughly 15 percent worse off than Americans, while Asians reportedly pay a little less. The solution, then, is simple: Though few readers are likely to let a tear for the poor movie moguls, it does open up Netflix to potential disagreements, which has in turn led to one of the most advanced VPN prevention systems in the world being developed.

Netflix quickly and easily detects whether or not you are where you say you are. Most VPNs are not suited for the Netflix challenge, meaning that only a handful, like we linked above, are up to the task. Even then, however, it may ben necessary to cycle through servers from time to time to avoid being caught by Netflix and getting the dreaded Netflix proxy error.

The example that usually springs to mind is China with its two million censors trawling through all online communication, though it could very well be Iran or Vietnam where someone gets into trouble for disagreeing with the government in an online forum. For people in these countries, VPNs are much less a case of whimsy and more a case of survival, be they human rights activists, businessmen or just people who want to exercise their universal right to speak their mind.

In fact, as VPN detection systems grow smarter, there is a real threat to these groups that need to use them to live a life comparable to that in the western world. If we take all the above considerations together, what kind of criteria could you use when deciding between different VPN providers? For examples of how this should not be done, check out our ZenMate review and TunnelBear review.

With a streamlined interface that has you connecting to the server you want in just a few seconds, ExpressVPN takes the ribbon in this section. The app is exactly that, a smartphone style app that you can move around the screen and takes up little space. Connecting to a server is done by hitting the honking big button right in the center and server selection is a matter of hitting another button.

Besides that, ExpressVPN does not confuse you with too many options, most of the action takes place under the hood. This may take the fun out of using it for some geeks, but most users will probably appreciate the no-frills approach. You operate the program mainly through the main screen, which is a map of all server locations.

It gives you a great control-room feel and will satisfy your hidden ambitions to rule the world, though probably only temporarily. Connecting is as easy as clicking on a location marker. If you want a bit more detail, NordVPN offers that, too, but the sheer wealth of information coming at you can be a slight bit overwhelming.

CyberGhost takes a different tack to the other two in this section: When we talk about speed in VPNs we actually mean how badly they slow you down; no VPN will speed up your connection, sorrowfully enough.

The very best VPNs will only see a slowdown of a few percent when connecting to a nearby server, while the worst can drop by percent, even for a server just a few hundred kilometers away. The trick seems to be to make sure that the service you like also has good servers in all the right places, or at least near to them.

The only good way to test this is to simply try out a service and then mess with all the different locations they offer, or have people like us do that bit of heavy lifting for you. Messing around with the service has shown that speeds slack off around percent within a few hundred kilometers, then decrease steadily from there, with transatlantic connections this was tested from western Europe dropping percent with the U. This is pretty good by any standard, though it does mean that you want some serious bandwidth if you want to watch Netflix U.

Private Internet Access is one of the staunchest soldiers in the battle for the net and is one of the fastest VPNs, to boot. This is partly due to PIA using a lighter encryption protocol than the other two entries on this list, but is impressive nonetheless. The drawback here, however, is that outside the U.

Though it has only roughly half the servers ExpressVPN does in just over 50 countries, it generally does well within a few hundred kilometers from your location. ExpressVPN may only have a server or so per location, but the machines themselves are powerful and the locations diverse, if not downright exotic.

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