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How to Setup a Free VPN

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After you've set up the custom domain, use the -hostname argument to start the TLS tunnel on your own domain.

It's possible that the service you're trying to expose may not have the capability to terminate TLS connections. The ngrok client can do this for you so that you can encrypt your traffic end-to-end but not have to worry about whether the local service has TLS support. Specify both the -crt and -key command line options to specify the filesystem paths to your TLS certificate and key and the ngrok client will take care of terminating TLS connections for you.

These clients will not work properly with ngrok's TLS tunnels. Fortunately, nearly all modern browsers use SNI. Some modern software libraries do not though. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. X Java Python 2. This is commonly used to expose SSH, game servers, databases and more.

Starting a TCP tunnel is easy. Normally, the remote address and port is assigned randomly each time you start a TCP tunnel. For production services and convenience you often want a stable, guaranteed remote address. To do this, first, log in to your ngrok. Then use the -remote-addr option when invoking ngrok to bind a tunnel on your reserved TCP address.

Make sure the -region you specify matches the region in which you reserved your address. All wildcard domains, even those that are subdomains of ngrok. When using -hostname or -subdomain , specify a leading asterisk to bind a wildcard domain.

The use of wildcard domains creates ambiguities in some aspects of the ngrok. The following rules are used to resolve these situations and are important to understand if you are using wildcard domains. Instead of specifying a port number, just specify a network address and port instead. The location of the datacenter within a given region may change without notice e. If you do not explicitly pick a region, your tunnel will be hosted in the default region, the United States.

Picking the region closest to you is as easy as specifying setting the -region command line flag or setting the region property in your configuration file. For example, to start a tunnel in the Europe region:. Reserved domains and reserved addresses are allocated for a specific region the US region by default.

When you reserve a domain or address, you must select a target region. You may not bind a domain or address reserved in another region other than the one it was allocated for. Attempting to do so will yield an error and prevent your tunnel session from initializing.

An ngrok client may only be connected a single region. This may change in the future, but at the moment a single ngrok client can not host tunnels in multiple regions simultaneously. Run multiple ngrok clients if you need to do this. A domain cannot be reserved for multiple regions simultaneously.

It is not possible to geo-balance DNS to the same tunnel name in multiple regions. Use region-specific subdomains or TLDs if you need to do this eu. You may whitelist access to tunnel endpoints on your account. The whitelist is enforced by the ngrok. It is applied globally to all of your tunnel endpoints. Any incoming connection to any of your tunnel endpoints is checked to guarantee that the source IP address of the connection matches at least one entry in your whitelist.

If a connection does not match the whitelist it is terminated immediately and never forwarded to an ngrok client. You can manage the IP whitelist on the auth tab of your ngrok dashboard. Changes to the IP Whitelist can take up to 30 seconds to take effect. Sometimes, you may wish to whitelist an entire range of IPs. For example, to allow all IP addresses from Sometimes your configuration for ngrok is too complex to be expressed in command line options.

You may pass a path to an explicit configuration file with the -config option. This is recommended for all production deployments. You may pass the -config option more than once. If you do, the first configuration is parsed and each successive configuration is merged on top of it. This allows you to have per-project ngrok configuration files with tunnel definitions but a master configuration file in your home directory with your authtoken and other global settings.

The configuration file is optional; no error is emitted if that path does not exist. For major operating systems, if your username is example the default configuration would likely be found at the following paths:. The most common use of the configuration file is to define tunnel configurations.

Defining tunnel configurations is useful because you may then start pre-configured tunnels by name from your command line without remembering all of the right arguments every time. Go wrapper over FreeTDS.

Search and Analytic Databases. Date and Time Libraries for working with dates and times. Things like Easter, Pentecost, Thanksgiving NullTime - Nullable time. Distributed Systems Packages that help with building Distributed Systems.

Email Libraries that implement email creation and sending. Gomail - Gomail is a very simple and powerful package to send emails. SendGrid - SendGrid's Go library for sending email. Embeddable Scripting Languages Embedding other languages inside your go code. Files Libraries for handling files and file systems. Financial Packages for accounting and finance. Forms Libraries for working with forms. Values into Go value s and Encodes Go value s into url. Dual Array and Full map support.

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Varis - Golang Neural Network. Messaging Libraries that implement messaging systems. EventBus - The lightweight event bus with async compatibility. Gollum - A n: NATS Go Client - Lightweight and high performance publish-subscribe and distributed queueing messaging system - this is the Go library. Uniqush-Push - Redis backed unified push service for server-side notifications to mobile devices. Also available for version 3 and version 2. Miscellaneous These libraries were placed here because none of the other categories seemed to fit.

Supported both creation and parsing of UUIDs. VarHandler - Generate boilerplate http input and ouput handling. Natural Language Processing Libraries for working with human languages. Mystem - russian morphology analyzer. Guaranteed compatibility with version Guaranteed compatibility with version 2.

Provides word stem extraction functionality Snowball native. Includes English and German stemmers. Supports 84 languages and 24 scripts writing systems e. Networking Libraries for working with various layers of the network. Allows to specify a set query-per-second load and record latency histograms and other useful stats and graph them.

Can be useful for fast redirection to predefined domain with zero memory allocation and fast response. Marlow - Generated ORM from project structs for compile time safety assurances. Generate a featureful and blazing-fast ORM tailored to your database schema. Zoom - Blazing-fast datastore and querying engine built on Redis. Package Management Libraries for package and dependency management.

Inspired by tools like Maven, Bundler, and Pip. Go vendor tool that works with the standard vendor file. VenGO - create and manage exportable isolated go virtual environments. Resource Embedding esc - Embeds files into Go programs and provides http. FileSystem interfaces to them. Science and Data Analysis Libraries for scientific computing and data analyzing. Supports many graphs types.

Package mat64 provides basic linear algebra operations for float64 matrices. Security Libraries that are used to help make your application more secure. BadActor - In-memory, application-driven jailer built in the spirit of fail2ban.

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