VPN Access through Sonicwall to another Sonicwall

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Imagine having the perfect piece of music, at just the Ben Walsh mourns the loss of memorable movie music. Best and latest motivational music mix for next sport sessions and workout routine. Wszystko o muzyce filmowej. Dec 18, Messages: Hi fellow Mac users, I hope someone can help me. I recently decided to replace my old Netgear G with what is supposed to be the Rolls Royce of the router world, a Draytek n.

All other website work work fine although the lookup is a little slow. This is in both Safari 4 and Firefox 3. I have tried disabling the firewall, updated the firmware on the Draytek to 3. All to no avail. Anyone got any ideas? Sep 8, at 9: Dictys , Sep 8, Sep 2, Messages: I have a draytek without the wireless connected to a time capsule for n and a airport extreme for g and it works flawlessy.

I did have a few problems at first setting it up, but once I had reset it and left it at the default setting no problems. Since i first set it up it has not once gone down, all websites work perfectly,however i note a small drop in speed. This compared to my previous netgear router which was good but needed to be reset nearly every day!

It seems to me you have a problem with the mac rather than the router if you can access the websites fine from a pc. Have you tried connecting the mac via cable to the router rather than wireless to see if you have the same problem? Sep 8, at 3: Hi Dictys I have a imac 24 and white macbook, the imac is directly connected via ethernet cable, the macbook wireless, both show the same behaviour. I have tried the imac with the Wifi also. I noted that even Avforums seemed to be effected.

Sep 9, at 4: Chester , Sep 9, Aug 18, Messages: Peterborough, Cambs, UK Ratings: I work for a Draytek reseller, note your issues and can inform you that you're not alone.

To start with, we're recommending installing the beta firmware. Of course, you do this at your own risk, but we have needed to do this at some sites. A couple of other things to check is that QoS is disabled, and any CSM filtering is limited to traffic that you want keep off your network.

Definitely ensure that DoS Denial of Service features are enabled. My current biggest tip here is not to block unknown protocols bottom right check box , as this causes problems with SSL VPNs and other applications. Also, some CSM settings can interfere in this way. The filtering rules and CSM content management work really well but tax the small processor inside the router.

We accept that a small and relatively cheap device such as this will have performance restraints, and thus deploy alternative hardware in areas that do not need these business related features. Oct 6, at Oct 6, Messages: I've just got a n I agree with our DrayTek reseller: What I'm getting on my n firmware 3. Thankfully, it's never the same frames two times in a row, so if I hit re-load enough times I'll eventually get the navigation bar to load and be able to administer my router.

Must say, I'm not much impressed with that, though. I've tried to load it on two different Macs on the network and I've observed this behaviour on both boxes, in both Safari and Firefox. The same problem does not seem to occur on the one Vista box I have the radio streaming box. Interestingly, it also doesn't seem to be a regular occurrence in iPhone Safari although it did seem to happen once.

I wanted to get it set up for a rapid switch with the old router, so as to reduce the radio stream's down time. They only started happening, when I put the router onto a live network. And my broadband download speed has dropped from around 5mb about the max I could expect where I live to about 1mb. About 3 computers on the network, 1 VOIP adapter, an Apple Airport to extend wifi access via powerline cables , and a couple of iPhones that access via wifi.

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