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Take Me To The King [Music Download]
Bug fixes and feature improvements to reduce crashes and improve your overall listening experience. Users who have forgotten where they specified files to be placed, or those who wish to change the location of future downloads, can find these settings in the Google Chrome browser. I even go two steps further. My great worry has always been that — once downloaded — unwanted files will stay on the computer, unnecessary taking up storage space. Clear List — Same as remove from history, except it removes all of the files from the history list.

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How to Find Recent Downloads on Your PC

But what is the situation with downloads in the OS? Storing such download files anyway? That terribly named file is the fault of the originating website. Some geeks have no imagination: Remove from History — Means to remove the file from the list of downloaded files. Click on that, and it opens the folder where your file is located. Go to Download Page — Takes you to the page where you downloaded the file from. Copy Download Link — Places a copy of the url of the downloaded file the web address of the download page in the clipboard.

Useful if you wnt to email the link to someone or post it in a forum or on Facebook. Clear List — Same as remove from history, except it removes all of the files from the history list. Hello Mark, Thanks for your useful clarifications. To make absolutely sure I understand things right, just a few more questions:. As Leo wrote and I quoted: So — if I am correct! I assume you meant the latter!

In the example I gave before that manual for an HP printer I would not have a clue what the file name refers to even when — by accidence — I happen to have stumbled right upon it. And there are probably loads and loads of such problematic file names to sift through…. The last one [Phew! I mentioned I have many downloads named in my History Library. I appreciate your help. Sorry for the frequent use of capitals, but that is just for making the main points easier to find.

Not for shouting at you…. Some browsers have an option for that, I believe. Remember, Downloads are not always stored in the cache. Depending on the browser they may simply end up in your Downloads folder. The list of recent downloads does not necessarily mean that the downloads are actually still there. If you open the containing folder you can tell whether or not the download remains.

Clearing the list does not necessarily remove the downloads. Again, this varies from browser to browser, but in general it does not. And again, this is easy to determine for your specific case by trying it out. It depends on the browser, and can even depend on your previous actions with the browser. In some browsers if you Save to a different location, the next download may go to that other location as well.

Again I encourage you to simply try it out. You cannot, other than by opening or otherwise examining the contents of downloaded file. I do this all the time. You can remove all from history, or you can manually remove one at a time. My laptops brand is ASUS and it comes with free source word. I tried to go into my documents and it would load for a bit then stop. Please if you have advice it would be grateful. But Windows still wont let me put the update where it belongs. Any thoughts on this?

The update should download and run from wherever it was downloaded. I just zipped 7 photo and chose zip and email. Could you please help me how I can find it? Typical computer nerd talk and say nothing. I still cantfind my downloaded pdfs. I want comments to be valuable for everyone, including those who come later and take the time to read. Your email address will not be published. How do I download and read a pdf ebook? Ebooks are commonly distributed as simple PDF files which you can download and then read on your computer or other devices using any of several free PDF readers.

I canceled a suspicious download. Cancelling a suspicious download in progress typically prevents any part of the download from impacting your machine. Unfortunately there are still a few problems we should look out for. Can I check a download for viruses before I download it? Files cannot be checked for viruses before being downloaded, but there are precautions you can and should take. Where are canceled or failed downloads stored?

Windows deletes partial files from failed downloads, but it may not be entirely erased from your system. If that is a concern, you will need to take an extra step.

Simply double click on the file in Windows Explorer. I have a detailed technical question… The article addresses where downloaded files end up, however they apparently are downloaded to a temporary place before being moved to the location mentioned in the article or specified by the user.

OK, long winded background. Google Chrome users can opt to have the Web browser ask where they would like to place a file every time one is downloaded, or they can select a location to automatically place all downloaded files. The default Web browser on Mac computers is Safari. Users of this Web browser can locate their Downloads folder by clicking on Downloads located on the Dock. Another method for navigating to the Downloads folder for Safari users is to click on Go from the Finder, and then click on Downloads.

Mac and Safari users who want to specify which folder they want to send their files to are unable to change their preferences. The files can be moved after they are downloaded, but users will always find them defaulted to the Downloads folder.

Similar to Windows users, Google Chrome used on a Mac also automatically sends downloaded files to the Downloads folder by default. However, Google Chrome allows Mac users to also specify the location of a downloaded file. First, users should open the Google Chrome browser, click on Chrome and then click on Preferences. Then, users can scroll down to Advanced Settings, and in the Downloads section, there is the option to choose a designated folder to send all future downloads.

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