Which region has the most content on Netflix?

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It looks like you're new here. Which Regions Get the Newest Titles? I was fed up with all these Netflix rubbish. You can filter by year, genre, IMDb score, Netflix rating, and you can search by title as well as cast and director too. No matter which VPN service you use, the process is really simple…. I had to use torrens to get the 2nd half of Breaking Bad and it appeared about 3 months later on.

Which Regions Get the Newest Titles?

Netflix launches in nearly every country but China

With that in mind, the following top-ranked new movies from , and some from are available on Netflix in some fashion:. Our Canadian friends can start singing songs of pride and joy or the national anthem, perhaps? Not only did they dominate on that end, it was a complete and utter blowout. The following graph should help visualize what we mean:. In a previous article, we noted that American Netflix is perhaps one of the worst Netflix regions for top-rated movies.

This remains the case for new hit films as well. It perhaps suggests that Netflix has an easier time procuring licensing deals for new release movies in Canada than anywhere else in the world. Television programming is a bit different on Netflix. Most new television shows do not run concurrently on Netflix unless they are a Netflix-branded original show.

Netflix has pushed heavily on that end, creating a large number of their own branded TV shows with a wide release in most of their territories. They are also working toward having more concurrent programming with other networks, including the new CBS revamp of Star Trek. The following top new TV shows from and are available on Netflix in some aspect:.

Our findings here continue with what we found during previous research. Netflix has pushed hard in the TV show market, in some cases upending the traditional TV and cable networks. As you can see from our list, many of the shows listed are Netflix-branded or Netflix original programs. The only top-rated shows that are not available in the U.

Each of these can be found in most every other region where the other highly-rated shows are also available. Netflix has information on TV shows and movies coming to their service all the way out to As Netflix identifies not just the date, but also the territories where each title is landing, Netflix users from anywhere can use this list to identify which regions have content they may be looking for.

Sign up for the Flixed Weekly Newsletter. Every Monday, at 7: Home News Which countries receive the newest, and best Netflix movies? Which Regions Get the Newest Titles? This begs the question: Does American Netflix still get the newest titles? We investigated which Netflix regions had the most content not too long ago: With that in mind, the following top-ranked new movies from , and some from are available on Netflix in some fashion: The producers of any movie or TV show want to maximize profits from their product.

So they license their creation to different content distributors in different parts of the world. Naturally, the highest bidder wins the rights. How Many Have You Seen? Geeks are people too. I am one, you're probably one, and we're a growing army that can no longer be ignored. Not even by Hollywood. Netflix users will be able to watch Star Wars , but Indian Netflix users will not.

However, some other distributor might offer a higher price for the Indian territorial license, or perhaps already have the license. Then, once again, U. Netflix users will be able to watch Star Wars , but Indian users will not. In short, audience interest and territorial licensing determine why the Netflix library varies depending from region to the next. Hastings added that the company is trying hard to get global availability of all the content on Netflix so that geographic restrictions go away.

But that will take some time. So, at least for now, different countries will have different Netflix libraries. Whether you're a new subscriber or an established fan of the best streaming service out there. Both routes serve the same end purpose: These methods have some limitations though. The speed of buffering and streaming might also get affected through these methods. But the biggest point in the favor of VPNs is how easy it is to get started.

Netflix is available on Web browsers, Android, and iOS. No matter which VPN service you use, the process is really simple…. The easiest and smoothest of the lot is Hola , a free VPN available for all platforms, which anyone can use because of how little setup is required.

Hola classifies itself as a P2P peer-to-peer VPN, which means it will be using your bandwidth to make VPN connections for others, just as you use their bandwidth. But this raises several security issues, so some experts advise against using Hola. One of the newest free services that works well on all browsers as well as smartphones is Betternet. Netflix is trying to stop people accessing its service through VPNs, but a handful of VPNs are managing to stay one step ahead of the streaming giant.

Read on to find out which ones Plus, the process is just as simple…. Smart DNS used to be more complicated but has recently become quite easy to use, thanks to several services that offer it as paid apps.

The best Netflix unlocking program is Smartflix. The downside of Smartflix is that it is restricted to p content, much like what you will get on Google Chrome. While primarily meant for Australian users who want the Netflix library from other countries, it works just as smoothly when used from any nation.

Download the app and follow the on-screen instructions to set up Getflix. Getflix for Android Free. Getflix for iOS Free. With the right browser, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies from the popular streaming subscription service on your Linux device. Most Linux users recommend UnoTelly as the best way to bypass region-locks.

So, now you know how to access Netflix from other countries, but that still leaves one problem. While Flixed also lets you browse, Netflixable is a more pleasing interface. So while the methods listed above work right now, we cannot guarantee they will work forever. If the methods and services outlined above have indeed stopped working by the time you read this, please share your insights in the comments below.

We suspect the battle between Netflix and people bypassing their territorial licensing restrictions will be a game of cat and mouse for many years to come. Thus, any tips you can share with your fellow readers may prove invaluable. Here are some of the best original films that Netflix has funded to date. Read More or television show from your region.

Your email address will not be published. Thebestvpn has an article on which services are still not blocked and work smoothly, if interested - google it, it's very informative. I personally use NordVPN as it not only works with Netflix but is one of the most secure services you can find. I have a discount code 'save75', just not sure if it's not outdated yet. I know I commented above but just in case I want ppl to see my little solution, since the VPN crackdown is ruining our lives and we the people should not be limited to knowledge regardless of region!

If you email the company and have trouble registering they help set up and provide US info for you to use, I love them?? I am familiar with this site too!!!!!

They really are the best, I get US Visa Giftcards to register like a credit card on Netflix and have to admit at first I was worried because they asked for a lot of personal information to verify me as a customer. I have a simple yet efficient solution, I too had issues with the VPN since they have updated their software and a friend recommended giftcards2u.

It's cool cause they provide US billing info to access the US media! Its kinda annoying to verify your account, but once you do its really fast and easy to get ur credit and worth it. I always use it to buy new movies, music and apps in iTunes, including Netflix. We just moved from the UK to Switzerland and our programs now are horrible! Less than movies, less than TV shows, and half of the already limited content is just rubbish! Netflix has to make sure there's enough interest in content in a specific region to recoup their cost of buying that content.

My takeaway from that nugget of information? Netflix truly believes people in America are stupid and will watch anything. The content here in the States truly sucks compared to the content in Canada. I was experimenting with their new option to download content which is awesome--thank you Netflix and while in Canada I was pushing off shows I would have loved to download, here in the States I had to scrounge just to find three movies I might want to watch sometime.

Just give us the same stuff that you have up in Canada. We're smarter than you think we are. I'm traveling from America to a couple of European countries and want to know if I can log into my Netflix account on my laptop I bring with me. Netflix now can tell if you are using a proxy to watch stuff from another country.

Is there a way to bypass this? Any help please reply below email. So if nothing works and your library is limited, watch what you want on illegal sites. I have an empty tablet I keep just for that purpose in case I catch a virus.

How to Discover New Content on Netflix